Here is a picture of what was waiting for Ruthie at the table this morning when she woke up!

Birthday Loot

Funny though, she didn’t even see it for a little while. Instead, she climbed up on the couch in her Daddy’s old baseball shirt that she has claimed as a nightgown, and snuggled up to her little brother, and chirped in his ear, “Oh Nate! Do you know what today is?!” He just grinned and hugged her with one of his fierce hugs not having a clue about what birthdays mean yet.

A very rare weekday breakfast of pancakes had been promised however, so it did not take very long for her to find the loot.  I thought she might pass out from anticipation when she found out she had to wait till her Daddy was out of the shower before she could open them. Silly girl. So, she wolfed down her pancakes to bide her time until then, and seemed to be very pleased that the long desired baby doll car seat and Barbie  were in the “very fancy” bags.

I can’t believe it has been 6 years.  Ruthie took her time in getting here. I labored with her for three days! I actually sat at this table and drank a bottle of Castor oil and  chased it with a glass of OJ, to make it go faster. (I do not recommend this by the way, and it really didn’t work too well) Being on the other side of the event though, those three days seem like one of the fastest blips in my life, and the 6 years that have followed have gone at warp speed.

My Mama brought me a special gift when we all  got home a couple of days later. Here is a picture.

Okay, okay…it actually looked more like this the day she brought it to me.

This is not your average bowl.  It is a very old bowl with a story that is as rich as the story of the table it sits on.

This bowl, was given to my grandmother Harriet, full of fruit when my mama, Carole Jean, was born in 1942. (She may kill me for posting the year) Harriet brought the bowl, full of fruit, to Mama when I was born in 1974. So of course, Mama in keeping with tradition,  brought it to me, full of fruit, when Ruthie was born in 2004.  I look forward to the day that I will bring it to Ruthie. So far they have all been first born girls, so there is the possibility one day that the tradition could change, but I am not too worried about that right now. Let’s just make it (slowly PLEASE!) to age 7 first.