A few years ago, my grandparents got to a point where they simply could not manage the farm anymore, so they decided to sell and move into a great assisted living facility. (They are getting pretty close to the big 9-0) This was a long process of going through their things and deciding what to keep and what to pass down. Unfortunately, living about 4 1/2 hours away from the farm, I didn’t make it down the day that all the grand daughters got together to pick and choose some of grandmothers things. She did ask me ahead of time if there was anything in particular I wanted. Honestly, it kind of bugged me out to think about all of her things being divided out, and I told her I would need to think about it. I already had some nice things like the table of course, and I have this wonderful, simple, cedar armoire that is blog worthy on it’s own, but this event was to go through her dishes, knick knacks, and so on. After just a little bit of thought, I realized I really wanted the Sunshine Jar. Not her crystal serving dishes or her silver platters. I NEEDED the Sunshine Jar.

This is the Sunshine Jar.

Not impressed by the looks are ya? Yep, just a plain old orange, plastic canister. The hammy little scene stealing kid behind it is kinda cute though isn’t she? I’ll explain her big grin in just a minute.

Grandmother, Harriet to you, kept this on top of her refrigerator toward the back…full of candy. Now, somethings you should know about Harriet, she was not the super over indulgent, kid spoiling kind of grandmother that they write gooshy kid books about, and that you see on those Publix commercials that make you cry. She was pretty practical, and loved on each one of us, and loved teaching us new things, but just not the spoiler type. I actually admire that about her. My memories of her are very rich because of this.

Sometimes, on the rare occasions that you got to be alone with her (there were a bunch of us grandkids), she would pull down the Sunshine jar and you would get to pick a treat out of it. For me, at least, it never happened in the presence of another grandchild. Sunshine Jar equaled special alone time with grandmother, and it did not happen often. So, I wanted it for my kids. (really, for when I have grand kids if I’m totally honest)

So, why the big grin. Today Ruthie got to snag a piece of candy. This was a big deal because we had a little incident a couple of weeks ago that caused mom and dad to ban candy for two weeks. She did her time though with out whining or begging so I was happy to spend a little alone time with her today and let her celebrate the end of her sentence.

And she got to have her picture taken. She loves the camera!

Turns out Grandmother made sure I got a few other special things that day too. I like the idea that she picked the things she wanted me to have. To me that is a little more natural and loving anyway. It’s also enough for me to know those items that the cousins have are going to be well loved by the girls that got them and I know they will be passed on too. But I am so glad I thought of that silly orange canister!