Grandmother loved a good estate sale. She and my mom both taught me the value of a good second hand item.  Grandmother I’m sure learned to be so thrifty from growing up during the depression, and my mom in turn learned from her. To this day, I still love to shop at Thrift Stores and yard sales, and what’s more, Ruthie does too!

Because I was indoctrinated in this activity very young, I never found it odd that I would occasionally get “second hand” gifts for Christmas or Birthday from time to time.  In fact, I was super excited to get such gifts. When I turned 13 my dad gave me a Lane Cedar hope chest for my birthday.

I decided that I wanted to begin collecting blue glass. It seemed that each woman in my family collected some type of colored glass, and by George, I was going to follow tradition.

Harriet collected green glass.

Mom collected red glass.

My aunt collected carnival glass.

…and I really really liked cobalt, but any blue would do.

So soon after I acquired the hope chest, most of my gifts from Harriet were some type of blue glass to add to my “dowery”.

These were some of my very favorite.

A very pale blue, delicate, set of parfait glasses. A somewhat mismatched set that included three different sizes, but odd numbers of groupings with in those sizes.

Over the years I did let go of some of the items she bought for me at estate sales due to space issues, but these I have never been able to part with. There will always be space for them.

This past year I introduced Ruthie to them. Mostly because we all know that dessert, particularly pudding, will always taste better when served in a fancy dessert glass. I found sitting down and sharing a fancy dessert to be a great time for this mother and daughter to chat.

Just look at that face…

…that is a girl enjoying the finer things in life…in a second hand dessert glass that her great grand mother had the genius to buy for her mom when she herself was young. I wonder if Harriet pictured her granddaughter sharing pudding with her great granddaughter when she spotted them at that estate sale nearly twenty years ago.

So, last night when I served Ruthie her blueberry cheesecake pudding parfait,

I told her how I got the fancy glasses. She asked all kinds of questions including could she “have them when I was dead?”. (sigh, …the brutal tact of a 1st grader) And seeing as how she is the only daughter, I don’t really see why not, but I probably won’t make her wait till I’m dead.

She also came up with…drum roll please…

“Ruthie’s Top Five Reasons to Eat Dessert From a Fancy Dish”

#1.  Because eating from a fancy dish is more fashionable.

#2. Because I’m a princess.

#3. Because I like ’em.

#4. Because dessert IS fancy so it should have a fancy dish.

and finally…

#5. Because it makes dessert taste better.

And you know, …

I think she might be right.