This week I went to the library…


Something I haven’t done since before I was their mother.

You see this look.

This is the face of a woman that needed to get out for just a bit.  She loves her kids very much. Thinks that they are brilliant in fact.  But it was time.

So of all the places I could have gone, I chose the library. The reasons were actually pretty practical. I needed to get some things for home school (which by the way, I had to have them order from another branch), but I also just wanted to peruse the shelves and not be completely distracted as I looked for some interesting titles to read to them.

It was nice.

Very, very nice.

I came home excited to share my finds.

And Ruthie was equally ready to find out about them too! Reading together is one of her very favorite activities.

A few weeks ago, Ruthie heard her very first Uncle Remus story, and she was hooked! So, I of course found this…

Just for her. I was able to score two different collections of the works of Joel Chandler Harris. He was one of my favorites as a child as well.

Next there has been discussion of what to be for Halloween. She has settled on being a pirate, so, we of course have to do some research on the topic in order to be convincing. I found this little treasure.

It not only has a child friendly history of pirates, but also has several clever craft ideas as well.  It was also adult friendly enough that I found out about some characters I want to know a little more about, which will of course lead me right back to the library to do my research. Who knew there were real girl pirates? Can’t wait to read more about Mary Read and Anne Bonny.

I also got something really fun for Nate. My child who likes the same music as his mother.

Thanks to the CD that comes with it, Nate can now scat with the best of them.

And finally, I’m not sure who I got this one for…

It inspired me to want to write down all the things I remember from way back, and then, I realized…I already do!