A lot has happened since my last post.

My family has decided to move back home to Alabama permanently. My feelings on this are bittersweet.

We have been here for 12 years. The first 6 years I spent working and focusing on my career and helping my husband get through school. Then somewhere along the way in 2004 our life took a very big turn and we started having kids. There are 3 of them now. I don’t think I REALLY knew how great life could be until 2004. There were also events that occurred that year that began a change in me that has snowballed me into who I truly am. Events that I will blog about a little later because it is a great story and a utterly defining time in my life. I have grown more in the last six years (almost 7) than I did the previous 30 combined.
The blog will certainly not be laid aside with this move because of the great things I know that my family is headed for. It will however take a detour for a short while. Harriet’s table will be in storage for a short while, and with it some of the nostalgic things I have shown you and had planned to show you. I’ll still be sharing plenty of memories though and maybe just a few of those memory triggers as I photographed a precious talisman or two as I was packing. Things that magically take me back.
Harriet’s table may be safely stored away, but the feelings it has inspired will not be. For a little while I will be coming to the table of another. My precious mother in law, Betty. So prepare for a plenty of new stories as I now have a great opportunity to delve not only into my own past, but to the past of my wonderful husband’s family as well. Things that his own grandfather accomplished have indirectly inspired this move.
I will also be much closer to Harriet herself which thrills my heart to no end. I can’t wait to visit her again and share some of the things I have already written, and be inspired to write more in her presence.
I’m going to miss so many of you here in Georgia that have encouraged me to do this in the first place. You all mean so much to me and I will be coming for visits on a regular basis. This is not “goodbye”, but rather “See ya later.”