For awhile now, I have been thinking about the best way to introduce my dad’s side of the family. I waited a bit to long I think. Yesterday, just before the big Thanksgiving meal at my mother’s sister Linda’s house, I was finally getting to talk to my grandmother Harriet about this blog. I had not seen her in nearly a year. Usually I don’t go that long between visits, but being pregnant this past year, and then deciding to move so quickly along with the now three children, it just did not happen.

As I was talking to her about the concept of the blog, I was telling her that I was putting together a blog about my Grandmother Geeo, and that I had just found the last of the pictures I needed to do it during the move. I really don’t know nearly as much about my father’s side of the family due to distance and divorce. It was no one’s fault really, it was just the way it was. My dad, a Texan, and my mom divorced when I was 5. I have cloudy memories of going to huge Texas style family reunions up to that point, but after the divorce, I can count on one hand how many times I was able to be in Texas as a child. I have visited more as an adult than a child.

There are a few people that stood out in my memory though. One was my Aunt Brenda. I loved her voice with her authentically Texan accent. She was one of the women in my life that I considered a truly successful mother. She seemed to have raised a tight family where everyone was very close through thick and thin.

She was very artful in her own right. A woman that made beautiful quilts, one of which I had the pleasure to receive as a wedding gift.

My children love this quilt too. It is well used in our family. I think she would appreciate that.

One of the things I remember most about her however was her love of games. Every time I have ever been around her a game of some sort has broken out. Many times more than one. She is the woman that taught me to play Train with dominoes and Garbage with cards and nickels. When the family converged on Lake Jackson the year my Grandmother Geeo went home to heaven, I remember her keeping us all busy with such games to help us pass the time while plans were being made, and while waiting seemed to go so slow.

I remember how much she loved baseball.

I remember that she loved puzzles.

I tried two different times with no success to grow cuttings from her amazingly huge pencil plant that she had inherited from my grandmother. It thrived under her care.

I was always impressed by how much respect my father had for his sister. You have to be a really big deal to gain that.

She, like my grandmother Harriet, set before me an example in marriage that I hope to attain myself one day.  Fifty plus years with her life mate, my Uncle R.B.

Yesterday, while telling my grandmother Harriet about all my plans for this blog, I received a phone call from my younger sister that Aunt Brenda was no longer with us. As always, when I hear such news from that side of the family, my regrets are always that I didn’t know them better, and that now it’s too late for me to know Brenda better. I’m glad she left such an impression on me though. The joy and hope though that I have with many of them, and I know this is true with my Aunt Brenda, is that I will have eternity to know her one day.

Brenda…I’m really looking forward to THAT game of dominoes.