My kid sister and I, each received this Christmas, a very special gift from my mama.

She is pretty good at getting her daughters just the right thing.  And her daughters, though very different, are beginning to have ideals that are overlapping and converging.

I’m pretty sure this means the end of the world is coming.

But I digress.

This was the gift.

Tabitha and I have both become very interested in real, honest to goodness, food.  We prefer as much locally produced food as we are able to come by.  We are also trying to simplify our cooking in the area of ingredients. We are trying to choose recipes that we can make from scratch. Totally from scratch that is. Condensed soups, mix packets, processed food in general, is all on it’s way out. She is further along in this process than I am in some ways. She has been totally “process” free much longer than I have since she is a vegetarian.

The book pictured above is “Victoria’s Home Companion” or “The Whole Art of Cooking: A History of 19th Century Foods, with Recipes.” by Victoria R. Rumble. It is all about how our great great grandparents made their food and, well,…




Did you know you could make pudding on your own? I truly believed that only JELLO had the magic until recently.

How thoughtful of mama to pick these up for us.

She also provided us with a homemade dish rag that one of her artist friends not only crocheted, but also wove the material it is made out of.  Wow! And the spoon, well, mama herself carved that out of bass wood. She knew that I in particular have a thing for hand made, wooden, kitchen tools. I think this particular spoon is going to have a very long life in my family.

Look, she burned a note into the back of the handle.

It says, “To Sasha From Mama”.

I imagine my grandkids stirring up a big pot of soup with this spoon.

Maybe they’ll bring me some at the nursing home.

Maybe at least my youngest child will at least.

He was after all born with a wooden spoon in his mouth.