This is my oldest boy.

He’s all about fun.

This past Christmas there were a handful of additions to our family game stash that have been quite the hit lately.

The Sequence game and the lacing beads in particular have been Nate favorites.

He wakes up in the morning and he no longer says, “Bwanana?” No, no, now he asks, “Hey, wanna pway games?” at 7 o’clock in the morning. He does this pretty much over and over until he gets the answers he wants.

A couple of nights ago, he managed to talk his grandmommie into a couple of rounds of Sequence.

Just to warn you, he’s tough to capture an image of. We like to refer to him as our little mobile entropy unit.

See, we barely got him in this one.

He has gotten so good at playing this game, but my favorite thing about it is, he has absolutely no interest in winning.


I don’t even think he knows that winning is the whole point of the board game.

He loves to show you his cards in fact. He’s proud that he knows all the names of the animals.

He loves to talk about which animal he is going to cover up with his “bwoo chip”, before he actually does it.

But mostly…

…he just wants to spend time with us, and that, is better than anything Santa could have brought me this year.

Even when he still manages to WIN nearly every single time!

I think “bwoo” is his lucky color.