Moses felt the pressure to deliver.

From the time his own mother was


as his wet nurse,

to the time he was first haunted by the fact that he had

no Hebrew boys his own age

to play with,

and found out why.

Raised by his own enslaved people as a prince,

yet never allowed to forget he was a Jew.

Pressure. To. Deliver.

But much of this pressure was his own.

Feeling the pressure to make it happen


“Glancing this way and that…”

he was concerned at the time with only human eyes,

and yet everyone seemed to have seen.


saw too.

And now the self pressured deliverer

needed to be delivered.

And he was.

He was delivered to a strange land where…

…there was time to grow,

and settle,

and …tend sheep?

Hmmmm…sounds like some on the job God training to me.

“And during that long period…”

there was also time for

a king to die,

people to cry out,

and God to remember.

And HE made the time right.

So Moses recognized Holy Ground,

And HE re-centers HIS-story,

(Because this started waaaaaay before Moses)

And Moses is told that I AM still has plans for him.

And my favorite part,

Even though Moses hasn’t forgotten his past,

HE never even brings it up.

HE just says,

I AM with you.”