Here is another “Retro Writing” from July 6, 2008 ~ I laugh at my disdain for shopping with two toddlers now that there is another child in the mix.

Grocery shopping with two preschoolers is like pushing a cart with a live octupus on speed. I avoid it. I often shop at midnight just to have the joy of Kroger muzak and plenty of time to browse the gourmet cheese bin. Yesterday however, I needed just a “few things”, so I visualized the little engine that could and adopted the mantra, “I think I can, I think I can…”. With ominous dark thunderstorm clouds creating even more pressure to make it a quick trip, I grabbed my umbrellas, my reuseable Kroger bags, and my offspring and hurried across the parking lot into hell. There was screaming, crying, ringing cell phones, a box of cereal I would never buy that somehow found it’s way into my cart, pleas for bathroom breaks, and general chaos during the 15 or so minutes we patroned the store. During check out we nearly had a mayo jar casualty because Ruthie likes to “help”. While the nice college aged young man politely rang our purchases up, and I continually swatted at Nate to leave the Credit Card machine buttons alone, I overheard Ruthie’s conversation with the associate bagging our groceries.

About a year ago, I started asking Ruthie at bed time, what her favorite part of the day was. She loved that I asked this. I immediately saw that it affirmed our love for her in some way that we cared enough to ask something she felt was so important. It did however have a few draw backs. She loved it SO much that she started asking me what my favorite part of the day was by the end of breakfast and continually through out the rest of the day. It has turned somewhat annoying.

At the check out line, the lady gave her FOUR Kroger happy face stickers. Ruthie was overjoyed at her good fortune.  She politely said thank you, and then, very sweetly said to the lady, “Maam, how has your day been today?” The Kroger employee was pleasantly taken aback at the manners of this little lady and continued to carry on a conversation with her. And THAT, was my favorite part of the day. Knowing that even when my kids are driving me up the wall, that the struggle is not for nothing. They do get “it”. Thinking of others, before I think of myself has been a reoccuring theme in my life lately. God has really been driving it home in my personal time with Him and in the opportunities He’s given me to apply it lately. It was cool to see why.