This next few days I’ll be doing a series of posts I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now. I’m going to show you a trick or two that I use to save a little money at our house, and it will take me a day or two to show you how to do it. Consider this the kick off.

Top Five Reasons to Roast a chicken:

5. You can make home made stock (3 to 4 quarts) and skip all the extra sodium and preservatives you get in commercial stock.

4. Depending on the size bird you choose, you can have dinner and prep two more for later in the week or put a couple of meals in the freezer.

3. You can save anywhere from .50 to .75 cents a pound by buying a whole bird vs. chicken breasts.

2. Your house will smell AMAZING while you roast and then again while you make stock.

…and the number one reason…

1. It will make you feel very grown up.

I hope you all find this useful and interesting! Watch out for instructions on roasting tomorrow!