…is a really bad picture of an irresistible roasted chicken.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, but who I sometimes refer to as Mr. HOTT (head of the table), stole a wing before I got a decent picture for this here instructional blog.

But, I digress. Lets start from the beginning.

Here is the way I make what I call, “Beer Butt Chicken”.

I have also, at times called it,

“Sprite Butt Chicken”,…or

“Hey! There is just enough wine in that bottle Butt Chicken”,…or

“What do we have that I can Roast this Chicken’s Butt in Chicken”.

Here is how you start.

Now, I use the Pampered Chef Bundt pan because that thing in the center there (does it have a proper name?) doesn’t have a hole in it. You can use a regular bundt pan though and just cover that with a couple of layers of aluminum foil.

What you see in the well there is a 12oz bottle of beer in this particular version, along with a sliced up tangerine (I usually use an orange, but this is what I had on hand today), and a couple of small, quartered onions.

This is an area where you can be creative. Oranges, tangerines, herbs, garlic, whatever. And of course what ever “juice” you want to use as I have previously mentioned. Apple cider is good too.

Here are a few other things I like to use. Again. Change it up from time to time. See what YOU like to use.

I grow rosemary, so I use it all the time. It’s free, and it pretty much is green and available all year round in these parts.
Also, another sliced tangerine, and I am a fan of Penzy’s and Wildtree’s spices. They are wonderful blends with no artificial ingredients. Here I have pictured Wildtree’s Lemon Pepper blend, and Penzy’s Northwoods blend. For this bird I went with the Lemon Pepper blend.

M’kay, before we go to the next step, there is something you need to know if you have never done this before. It could be shocking if you are not prepared.

You must reach your hand inside the bird and pull out…what I call…the “innards bag”.

Don’t open it.

You don’t want to know.


You DO want to keep it. Just set it aside in a big stock pot. The next blog will tell you what to do with it.

Continuing to get personal with the chicken…

You can pull back the chicken’s skin with your fingers and slide the rosemary and tangerine slices just under it. This really flavors the meat during roasting.

You can just see the slices in this picture. Also rub down the chicken with a little oil and the lemon pepper. I don’t measure. I just use what I think looks like a decent amount.

Now, easiest part yet. Prop her bottom up on that thingy in the middle of the bundt pan that I don’t know the name of. Put it in a 350 oven for about an hour and a half, depending on they size you buy. I usually shoot for as close to 5lbs as possible, and that typically gives me at least three meals from the chicken.

Sorry for yet another terrible picture. I am working with a phone camera here. I should have turned off the oven light.

So. That wraps up lesson one more or less. The night I roasted this , I sliced up enough chicken for dinner and made a couple of simple veggie sides. Baked Butter Beans in Mustard and Sour Cream Sauce, and fixed a nice green salad.

The next chapter will cover making stock. REALLY good stock.