Today, traveling on the treadmill with me were Blondie, Aerosmith, and Billy Joel.

1. Turns out that if you get up and study the prophets in the morning you may still be thinking about them when the song “What it Takes” fires up on the ole Ipod ap, and when that happens you are going to think of Hosea and Gomer.ย  Ok, maybe you wouldn’t, but I did, and now…if you are familiar with the story you’re probably going to go there too. And if you aren’t familiar with the story…read it. It’s just a short little book of the bible.

2. If you get to the gym early enough there is no one else there but the owner…and if he has to leave for a few minutes to get lightbulbs, then you may not be able to dance on the treadmill at 4 miles an hour, but you CAN sing loudly and play air drums to Blondie.

3. When the first person walks in at 10 after 8, and you try to tone it back down, it’s a good idea not to whisper/sing spontaneously, “I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha.”ย  It gets you weird looks and makes it harder to make work out friends.

4. Also, sometimes, when you start your TRX work out, the owner introduces you to the jazz album Queen Latifah made via Pandora, and you find that strength training to jazz, Queen Latifah in particular, is a beautiful thing.

5. Cold mornings are AWESOME to walk out into right after working out.

Have a good day ya’ll.