Let me start this blog with a disclaimer:

Do NOT, …I repeat, do NOT take this blog too seriously.
Only maybe….just a little seriously, but not too seriously.

Now that we have that out of the way,

You might be raising a geek if …

your daughter poses as a zombie in family pictures.

You might be raising a geek if…

…your kid makes his own costume for Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week”.

You could possibly be raising a geek if…

If you daughter not only knows what a “chupacabra” is, but wants one for a pet.
(funny side note, she corrected me on this image, apparently this depiction of a chupacabra does not have enough hair and is therefore too nekkid)

You might be raising a geek if…

…your kid has his own pair of Ferengi ears.
(ok, really, these are the “listening ears” he made at church but I totally could not resist)

It is a pretty good clue that you are raising a geek if…

…your son sees a sub sandwich, and pretzel sticks and thinks, “stegosaurus sandwich”.

You are quite possibly raising a geek if….

your oldest child cuts the umbilical cord of your youngest child…in her pajamas no less, in your bedroom.

This one though….

I fear he may be turning jock….