“Your head crowns you like Carmel,
and your flowing locks are like purple;
a king is held captive in the tresses.”

This is from Song of Solomon 7

As I was preparing to write this blog, I did some word searches for the word “purple”.

Who knew! There is actually a verse about purple hair!  And the context involves a king that is captivated.

As I have mentioned recently, last year was all about Joy for me. I knew the difference between Joy and Happiness, but last year was about living that difference.

This year, already, something else, a different kind of theme has come along. I was expecting a word…an idea…a….philosophy?

But what I got was something different.

A color.

(quick! guess which one!)

What’s more it’s been a long time coming. It was something that I had been considering, and just as always things started coming along that confirmed that I needed to get cracking. These things will be follow up blogs hopefully throughout the year if the trend continues.

Here is a little background on how I got to the “root” of this theme.

I have a friend.

Stephanie Cann. ( I love this picture. She looks so fierce and sassy.)

We met very casually in 2005 at a MOPS conference in Nashville. About a year later, we ended up working on a major MOPS fundraiser in Atlanta and got to know each other just a little better. During that time, we both turned up pregnant. Our boys ended up being born 18 days apart…hers first. Both had very traumatic births, (my story on that at another time…and it too has a purple thread to it) but God allowed a much longer journey for her. You can read her story here.

After her second time facing cancer in five years, she decided to start dying her hair purple. Stephanie did this for a very specific purpose. It gave her a segway into sharing her grace journey. She shared a message of royal adoption, mercy, grace, and favor. She did this in the face of uncertainty and all the things that scare each of us the most.

The first time she posted pictures of her purple hair (and her whole purple posse of friends that supported her and took on that grace story challenge with her) I remember thinking, ” I wish I was brave enough to do that, but what would (enter a whole list of people here) think of me if I did that?”  So I held her in high esteem, and even though she inspired in me, a certain longing for some spunk…I shelved it.

…but it kept niggling at my brain now and then.

I can’t tell you the exact moment I decided I was going to do it.  I did get a small patch done just after Christmas, but it bugged me that it wasn’t noticeable enough.  When I got it done, my stylist, the fabulous Molly Barksdale at  Morgan Ashley Salon (whispers, go like them on facebook) ,  told me about a product that I could put on it myself to keep it up when I wanted too.  Something about that quiet little patch behind my ear though gave me the chutzpa to go crazy and color my fun blonde stripe that I’ve had the last year and a half.

This became clear after hearing another sweet friend share her story about her grace walk…a story I will again share in part later because of it’s unexpected purple thread.

So…here I am now, with this regal accountability in my hair. This reminder to myself to share that my life is good, and it’s good because of nothing I did, but because I have a king who finds me captivating, and he gives me good gifts when everything seems wrong.

I tried to get this blog out to the internet before we went out of town Friday…but being a mom, and chief trip packer, and laundress, and John’s family chef…it just didn’t happen. Guess what…that is good. I had several chances to try it out. It’s pretty noticeable, the tips are pretty much ultra violet. I was able to start with friends, but then there was the waitress at breakfast. … the moment of truth. I had to make it quick and powerful and not hang her up from doing her job.  It tumbled out of me awkwardly when she asked if it was just something fun for the kids…”oh no! I had a kind of rough year last year, and this purple stripe in my hair is there to remind me that life is good, and God is the one that makes it that way.”

Then it was a young woman in the public restroom.
Her: ” I love that splash of color in your hair.”
Me: ” Oh (blushing) thank you.”

Yep, dropped the ball on that one.

But right after that, I got to sit down with Stephanie, as well as some other friends, and she was so encouraging! She knows it’ll come.

I love too, that this first picture of my hair covers my face pretty much…another reminder to be transparent. It’s not me but the Light shining through me that matters. His light is the one that provides the Abundant Life (John 10:10), and that is exactly what I have…the Abundant Life.