this girl….

has Plenty of time.

Plenty of time to have an army of magazines tell her that outfit is all “wrong”.

She has plenty of time before the culture of her peers makes her feel that this kind of “spunk” makes her stand out and not “fit in”.

She will have her whole life to question and obsess over every detail of how she looks.

There will be years to think about how she could have posed better for the picture.

There will be too many years to obsess over what she eats.

Plenty of years to be chained down by what the media tells her is attractive.

So for now,

I’ll teach her to exercise because it’s fun.

I’ll allow her the confidence to imagine herself as one tough cookie.

I’ll let her dress herself, and encourage that sense of style that only she has.

…and if I’m lucky,

I’ll have raised a girl who has plenty of time…

to be herself.