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Work Out Wanderings

Tonight I ran for 20 minutes straight without dying.

This is huge.

No. Really. This is a big deal for me. I have never enjoyed running in my life, and while I won’t say that I just loved running for 20 minutes straight, I didn’t hate it either.

Two months ago I was happy just to run for one minute straight. I would say this is progress.

It also means I am beginning to really believe that I can do this marathon thing.

For real.

Also, I sweat so much I could feel it dripping from my elbows.

I’m sorry that was TMI. True though.

My schedule over the last two weeks has also forced me to do some working out in the evenings instead of the morning. Again, I am often the only one there, and when I arrive most all of the lights are off.

Except that one can light over (my) treadmill. It’s like having a spot light.

Pretty cool for the Blondie air drum solos for girls with purple…er, blue…pig tails.

Yes, blue. As you all know I was going for purple tresses, but what I have not told you (though many of you know) is that I am pretty much color blind. The eye docs call it color deficient, but I can tell you that I can always see the first “test” in the color blindness test book and then I am done after that.

So, all that to say, it turns out my purple hair is actually blue and I can’t tell personally.

So who wants to go to Sally’s beauty with me this week….because right now…the blue is fading and the blonde is starting to show through and it is a special green color.

There are no bible verses about green hair. I checked.



So, It was another workout morning, like any other.

Today I wore pigtails.

They kind of look like firecrackers with that purple flairing out all spikey. I think they helped me get through my first ride on the eliptical pedal thingy. I could feel them swaying back and forth as I pushed through.  I felt spritely.

Robert liked them. That was a plus.

Nate did not. He said I needed to take them out so I would look normal again.

He said it was too raggity.

Adding 6 pounds to the weights you use for arms is significantly harder. Self coached labor breathing and doula talking helps. ( breathe…don’t tense your face…that is one less contraction…er….I mean rep)

Earbuds! I will never forget them again thanks to my bestie Maria! Look what she made me for my birthday!!!!

I just clip them to the strap of my purse and Ta-Da! They never get left at home!!! (She knows me sooooo well)

So, in the earbuds today, there was a little Brittney . I didn’t think I liked her till I started (sort of) running. Yeah, still at the sort of stage, but I did make it a full 5 minutes today with out dying.
There was also a little ZZ Top. “She’s Got Legs” was strangely motivating, especially since that lump my husband found in the back of my thigh is not a tumor, but actually my long lost hamstring. Who knew it was still there? This after finding my bicep again just last week.

And, if you know me at all, you know there was some Aerosmith. “Permanent Vacation” is the only reason (well, that and my pig tails) that I made 8 and a half minutes (I KNOW I AM A TOTAL WIMP) on my first ride on that eliptical thingy. You’d think a woman that survived 72 hours of labor with her first child could do a full 10 minutes on an exercise machine….

My  friend Adam (long distance work out buddy who keeps me motivated) says I need a new playlist. I’m taking suggestions. I’m stuck in the 80’s and 90’s apparently.

There will be more epsom salts today.

You know, I read somewhere that if you still look pretty after you work out, you didn’t do it right.

Does feeling pretty count?
I did not take a picture to confirm this.

Okay, actually I did, and the saying is totally true and for the record, I did not look pretty when I was done. I’m just not going to show it to you.

But…I did feel pretty.
….Once I started breathing on my own again that is.